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The Paper Clinic of the Jagiellonian Library
is the first technological hall in Poland with large-scale deacidification systems for paper: printed matter, manuscripts, bound volumes and loose sheets.

It was built in 2005 with financing from the “Acidic Paper-large-scale preservation of endangered Polish library and archival collections” programme, a Long-term State Programme (LSP) for the years 2000–2008.
From the very beginning of the LSP “Acidic Paper” programme, an interdisciplinary team of employees from the Chemistry Department of the Jagiellonian University and the Jagiellonian Library has looked after the protection of the Jagiellonian University library collection.

The conference presenting effects of the Government Programme ‘Acid Paper’ in Poland against the background of achievements obtained in other countries in the area of library, archive and museum resource protection: ‘The Past for the Future’ The Mass Protection of Archive and Library Resources’ took place in Krakow on 13–14.10.2008
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